Reviewer likes ‘portraits of evil’

Barbara Kay, a well-known weekly columnist for The National Post in Toronto, just reviewed the third book in The Osgoode Trilogy, A Trial of One. Here’s what she says:

“This author has a lively imagination, great narrative energy and an inquiring, philosophical mind. I was absorbed by the story and the exploration of the theme of the divided/unified self, how one’s essential nature guides one’s destiny and compassion for those who don’t quite fit the paradigm of what society expects. The portraits of evil are chilling.”

I have created another “portrait of evil” in Rinaldo, the antagonist in The Drawing Lesson. I can’t wait to see what Barbara has to say about him!


About Mary E. Martin

Mary E. Martin grew up in Toronto, Canada. After earning an Honors Degree in History at the University of Toronto, she graduated with her law degree from Queens University, Kingston, Ontario. In 1973, she was called to the Bar of Ontario and began the general practice of law in Toronto, with emphasis on real estate, wills and estates and elder-care law. This law practice of more than 30 years was a great inspiration for The Osgoode Trilogy ("Conduct in Question," "Final Paradox" and "A Trial of One.") Her fourth novel, “The Drawing Lesson,” will be the first in the next trilogy, provisionally entitled “The Trilogy of Rmembrance.” She is also a photographer particularly with respect to her travels. She has had two commercial photography shows. Married in 1973, she and her husband live in Toronto. They have three adult children.
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