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Amazon/Penguin Contest, Literary agents

At 12:01 am, January 24th, the Amazon, Penguin Breakthrough Novel Contest opened. At 12:01.5, I began to enter all my documents for The Drawing Lesson,–the Description, the Pitch, the first 5000 words and then the manuscript itself. I pictured the … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with this Story?

Vence in the south of France where Jonathan Pryde lives.           Ever had that feeling that something’s wrong with the manuscript even though you’ve been through it a hundred times? And you don’t know what it … Continue reading

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Literary Agents?

Surprise from the Indie Author. I’ve writing about indie publishing for quite awhile now and have been exploring social media and promotion of various kinds. But for me, it’s a bit of a problem. I know that a lot of … Continue reading

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A Romance: How a place gets into novels…

Venice is filled with canals and Squares surrounded by ancient palazzos—perfect places to linger and reflect. Narrow fog-ridden calles run like silken spider-webs connecting the Squares and taking me ever onward in exploration of the city and myself. I am a writer and a photographer and I am in love with Venice. Continue reading

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Description in Writing: What Details Do You Prefer?

I really only have one rule when it comes to settings in novels. Don’t write [at least not extensively] about a place you have not been. The reasons are obvious. To create, for the reader, a sense or a “feel” … Continue reading

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The Fate of Pryde, The Second in the Trilogy of Remembrance

I’m a long way from publishing but I’ve finished a first draft of this novel, provisionally entitled the Fate of Pryde.  Back in February, I started reading and making some notes to collect my thoughts. Then I started writing it … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Commission and homophobia

Whenever I read about the battles over same sex marriage, I think of homophobia. That fear of the “other” or the “different” led me to write “A Trial of One,” the third in The Osgoode Trilogy. Here’s an article I … Continue reading

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