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My husband approves of the other men in my life

Have you ever met someone who appears to combine the best and the worst of humanity? I have, and I really need to explore this personality at length—book length, in fact. Continue reading

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I’ll be podcasting Aug. 27

“Discover the secrets of a fabulous author.” Continue reading

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What inspires a writer?

People often ask me what inspires me to write. In this video, I talk about where the idea for The Drawing Lesson sprung from. I’d love to hear your reaction. If you’re a writer, what inspires you to write? If … Continue reading

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Blogger News Network gives positive review

“… Mary Martin brings The Drawing Lesson to life. I think the term ‘Psychological Thriller’ comes to mind.” That’s my favorite part of Simon Barrett’s review of my new book. He has reviewed other books I have written, so I … Continue reading

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Reviewer Robert Adams likes the book!

Mary Martin handles a large cast of characters with great narrative skill. Continue reading

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Magical light creates stunning visions in Alexander Wainwright’s landscape paintings. His most recent painting, The Hay Wagon, is a marvelous, moonlit scene, with an old-fashioned hay wagon dominating the foreground, with a beautiful, unearthly glow. Yet, at the pinnacle of … Continue reading

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